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Domestic IT-company started work on the project “3D Tourism of Turkmenistan”

Domestic IT-company started work on the project “3D Tourism of Turkmenistan”

The largest provider of IT services in Turkmenistan, the “Turkmen-Transit” company, is launching work on a new project, “3D Tourism of Turkmenistan”.

In its work, the IT company is guided by the Concept for the Development of the Digital Economy in the Country for 2019-2025, approved by the head of state. Its new digital project “Turkmen-Transit” is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the independence of Turkmenistan.

The team of the 3D department of “Turkmen-Transit”, known for the large-scale project of the 3D virtual exhibition of the UIET, under the leadership of Kurban Sahatmuradov, began work on the project “3D Tourism of Turkmenistan”.

The development team converted statues and monuments to the heroes and leaders of the Turkmen people into 3D mode. Thanks to innovative technologies, the user of the program will be able to take a closer look at architectural monuments and sights, as well as make a panoramic “flight” over 3600 objects. The process of creating 3D models can be viewed at the link.
The uniqueness of this project lies in the fact that now program users can, without leaving home, visit the most beautiful places of our Motherland, get acquainted with its sights, admire modern architectural creations and get a sea of unforgettable emotions and impressions from a virtual trip.

The “3D Tourism of Turkmenistan” project will contribute to the further development of the tourism industry in Turkmenistan.

It should be reminded that earlier the “Turkmen-Transit” company launched the first free educational and cognitive platform TT Bilim. The platform contains useful information, including: books, tutorials, legal information and dozens of other disciplines.

It should be noted that the company is an official partner of such well-known cybersecurity solutions developers as Check Point, Symantec, Penta Security, Fortient, Cisco, as well as an exclusive partner of an IT-specialist company.

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