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Gerekli online marketplace offers a wide range of services to buyers and sellers


Today, Internet trading platforms are actively developing in Turkmenistan. One of them is the recently opened Gerekli hypermarket, which offers a wide range of products from more than 100 brands.

Here you can find everything you need: food, household chemicals, cosmetics and perfumes. In addition, you can please your loved ones with gifts and flowers, a large selection of which is on the site.

Gerekli offers a wide range of electronics and home appliances from well-known manufacturers (Apple, Samsung, Huawei, LG, Philips, Miele) and much more.

All products are divided into categories, have descriptions and characteristics. When purchasing goods, you can pay in cash or with an Altyn asyr card. You don't have to waste time to pick up the purchase, you just need to discuss the delivery terms with the operator. All wishes for the order can be indicated in the “notes” column when placing an order, and the operators on duty will always answer all questions from buyers, sellers and partners.

Also, discounts and promotions are regularly held on the online platform, for example, “Gerekli gün”, organized every Wednesday.

The advantages of Gerekli will also be appreciated by sellers (they can be any entrepreneurs and enterprises), since an online hypermarket is both a constant flow of buyers and the absence of expenses for renting premises, advertising and wages for employees. It provides great opportunities for sorting, describing goods, promoting and analyzing commerce.

To become a buyer or seller on this online platform, you must register on the site.

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