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“Berkarar” shopping center resumes work in Ashgabat

“Berkarar” shopping center resumes work in Ashgabat

This morning, the Ashgabat shopping and entertainment center “Berkarar” reopened its doors. Hundreds of clothing, footwear, electronics and flagship cosmetics stores are available to visitors.

A complex of sanitary preventive measures continues to operate in the shopping and entertainment center: dispensers with antiseptics are installed in open access, regular surface treatment is carried out.

It will be recalled that on July 13, 2020, the “Berkarar” shopping center was temporarily closed due to preventive measures in the face of a complex epidemiological situation in the region and the world. There were only shops with food and household chemicals in the mall.

The “Berkarar” shopping mall was ceremonially opened in 2014 in the southern part of Ashgabat, at the intersection of 10 years of Abadanchilik and Ataturk streets. It is one of the most favorite places of shopping, recreation and entertainment for many thousands of residents and visitors of the Turkmen capital.

For more information, please contact the “Berkarar” Shopping Center at +99312468006.


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