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The Ministry of Culture of Turkmenistan holds creative contests

The Ministry of Culture of Turkmenistan holds creative contests

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the acquisition of state independence of Turkmenistan and 2021, the Ministry of Culture of the country announces a number of creative competitions.

In accordance with the newspaper “Turkmenistan”, competitions are held in the following areas:

  • Competition among poets “Independence, neutrality - the inspiration of our hearts” to create new works in ancient forms of poetry, such as murabbag, muhammes, muzedes, qasida, mesnevi, takhmys, rubagi, tuyug, gazelle;
  • Competition of articles and books on the study and popularization of our glorious history, literary heritage, archeology and ethnography among heritage researchers;
  • Competition of stories glorifying moral foundations, national and family values of the Turkmen people;
  • Competition for the creation of poems, articles and stories about Turkmen horses and Alabay;
  • Competition of artists for the creation of works of fine and decorative and applied art;

Poetry competition among young poets;

Contest of articles on Independence among young journalists.

Competitive materials must be sent to the email address:

The works submitted for the competition are accepted until March 31, 2021.

The results of the competitions will be announced in April 2021.

Contact phones: 44-00-71, 44-00-81, 44-02-35.


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