Romania can provide access of Turkmen energy resources to the European market

Romania can provide access of Turkmen energy resources to the European market

Romania due to its membership in the European Union, geographical position and participation in strategic regional energetic projects can promote long term opportunities for the access of Turkmen energy resources to the European market.

This is how Trend quotes the statement of the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Business Environment of Romania.

Southern Gas Corridor has special meaning for energy diversification of the European Union, and Turkmenistan among providers of natural gas may deliver important contribution to the project of South Gas Corridor, noted in the Ministry.

“We don’t need to forget that Turkmenistan takes fourth place in the world by the reserves of natural gas after the Russian Federation, Iran and Qatar”, says the ministry. Currently the volume of gas from Azerbaijan is the main source of deliveries for the project, highlights the Romanian side, but on the following stages of project development another source of delivery will be considered, such as Turkmenistan, terminals of liquefied natural gas in Greece and etc.

The participation of Romania and Turkmenistan in the Fifth Ministerial Meeting of Southern Gas Corridor Advisory Council, organized in Baku in February, testifies the support of this project by both countries, marked in the ministry. 

In the message, it is also said that the project of Transcaspian gas pipeline is included into the latest list of projects of mutual interest of the European Commission, thereby receiving strategic status.

Romania from the beginning supported the project of Southern Gas Corridor and Romania is interested in being a part of this transport infrastructure on its future stages of development and have access to those gas volumes, which would be transported throughout this infrastructure including potential gas volumes from Turkmenistan, specified in the message.

Moreover, it was noted that in June of 2019 the representatives of the Romania energy sector and state authorities were in Turkmenistan with official visit. 

Previously we have informed that Romania hopes for extension of cooperation with Turkmenistan in the Caspian region.


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