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“Turkmenfilm” prepared the premiere for the holiday of neutrality of Turkmenistan

“Turkmenfilm” prepared the premiere for the holiday of neutrality of Turkmenistan

“Turkmenfilm” association release new film for the holiday of neutrality of Turkmenistan.

As informs “Turkmenistan: Golden age”, new film “Galkynysh” is shot on grounds of the book of President of Turkmenistan “Atda wepa-da bar sapa-da” (“Horse is the symbol of fidelity and happiness”).

The film tells about work and life of the group of national horse riding games “Galkynysh”.

The main heroine of the film is a girl named Jennet. Despite her young age, she has an affection for horses. Revealing Jennet's diligence and perseverance, the film reflects the fact that the horse that connects epochs and generations for all people - from small to large, is a special value.

Through the artistic word, the picture expresses the relationship of different people. The film touches upon the ever-pressing problems of fathers and children. A common thread running through the film is the idea that every effort must be made to achieve this goal.

The film was directed by Vepa Ishankuliev. Jennet Seidieva and Arslan Annamyradov played the main roles. Such eminent actors of the Turkmen cinema as People's Artist of Turkmenistan Chary Berdyev and Dovlet Khanmammedov also starred in the film. The film also involves almost the entire composition of the equestrian group, headed by the chief of Pygy Bayramdurdyev, and the role of little Jennet in the film was played by Pyga's 12-year-old daughter, an active member of the Galkynysh collective, Medina Bayramdurdyeva.

The opening night of this feature film will be today evening on all national channels.


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