New Year celebrations to be limited in Turkmenistan

New Year celebrations to be limited in Turkmenistan

Considering complicated epidemiological situation in the region and in the world and with the aim of taking preventive measures against infectious diseases in Turkmenistan, the New Year celebrations will be limited. 

As informs international edition “Atavatan Turkmenistan”, earlier planned New Year celebration on the 31st of December in “Ylham” park, on the square before the National Circus of Turkmenistan, also the concerts of the masters of the arts in Ashgabat and velayat’s administrative centers are annulled. The New 2021 Year’s festive events near the country’s main Christmas tree located at the entertaining center “Alem” will be from 23:00 to 24:00 in reduced manner. It will be attended by deputy prime ministers, heads of ministries and departments, a group of cultural and art workers in the amount of 50 people. There will also be a traditional broadcast of the New Year's greetings from the elders of Ashgabat and the country's regions by telebridge.

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