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“Guneshli Zaman” offers discounts on transport services

“Guneshli Zaman” offers discounts on transport services

As part of their promotion to provide discounts on a number of related services, real estate experts "Guneshli Zaman" offer their clients assistance when moving to a new location.

It often happens that during the move there are problems not only when loading and unloading Luggage (something breaks, breaks and gets lost, and the furniture is reassembled incorrectly), but also elementary - with finding people who provide such services at a professional level.

With all this in mind, real estate experts "Guneshli Zaman" took care to help their clients in this matter. Immediately after entering into a purchase and sale agreement with the Agency's representatives, the buyer and seller are given a gift coupon for providing discounts on transport services. A team specially hired by the Agency will deliver furniture and items to the new address, carefully disassemble and reassemble, and arrange furniture, install equipment.

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