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“Begler ýoly” expands its product range

“Begler ýoly” expands its product range

With the expansion of the domestic food industry, there is a need for different types of containers.

IE “Begler ýoly”, specializing in the production of plastic containers and containers, is constantly expanding the range of manufactured products based on incoming orders.
In addition to containers for food and confectionery products, the production produces new types of plastic containers for household chemicals.

Based on IML (In-Mould labeling) technology, the company also produces labelled containers in accordance with the customer's requirements. This technology, first used in Turkmenistan, allows you to attach the label when forming plastic containers. In all conditions, the label retains its shape.

Based on the initiatives of the President of Turkmenistan to fully support and encourage small and medium-sized businesses in the country, “Begler ýoly” is working purposefully to produce new products, expand the scale of the production complex and strengthen relations with foreign partners.

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