A citizen of Turkmenistan received an award of 3,500 dollars from Apple

A citizen of Turkmenistan received an award of 3,500 dollars from Apple

A citizen of Turkmenistan, Almaz Seyidov, received a reward of 25 thousand liras (3,5 thousand dollars) from Apple for revealing an IPhone system error.

The Turkish publication Hurriyet reported that Almaz Seyidov, a mathematics student at Kastamonu University, became interested in technology during his studies and worked to find system errors in Apple programs. He had the opportunity to identify systemic errors in their products. For example, before that, he found a flaw in a friend's phone, for which he received 250 liras from the company. The guy didn't stop there and continued his research.

This time, when downloading games in the Apple Store, Diamond found a system flaw and reported it to the company. Apple was not slow to respond to the young man with a thank-you letter and a reward of 25 thousand liras.

The guy admits that he spends his free time playing games on his phone or computer.

"I set up my phone to download the game from the Apple Store and logged out. When I re-logged in to install the app, I wanted to download something else, but I saw that the phone was blocked and started to hang up. I tried restarting the phone and starting again, but encountered the same problem. I realized that there was a system error and reported it to the company," Almaz told Hurriyet.

In the future, the guy plans to search for errors in the operating systems of products and other brands. Who knows, perhaps by the time he completes his University studies, he will receive an invitation to work from serious manufacturing companies.

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