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Construction of a new plant has started at the TCOR

Construction of a new plant has started at the TCOR

Specialists of Westport Trading Europe Limited (USA) have started construction of a complex of delayed coking and tar deasphalting plants (DCU-TDA). This was stated by the Director of the WTL branch, doctor of technical Sciences Allaberdy Ilyasov in an interview with the newspaper "Neutral Turkmenistan".

The delayed coking unit (DCU) is designed for processing all heavy residues at the plant (tar, oil sludge, asphalt and other residues) into more valuable light petroleum products (gasoline, diesel fuels) and electrode coke. The construction of the DCU-TDA installation will have a positive impact on the economic and environmental performance of the entire enterprise as a whole.

Among the positive effects, we should note an increase in the production of light oil products at the refinery of automobile gasoline, diesel fuel, and liquefied gases (with further processing of liquefied gases into polypropylene). Production of electrode coke of higher quality than actually obtained, as well as extraction of basic raw materials from tar — deasphaltisate for the production of high-quality motor oils, high-quality bitumen. Given the significant moral and physical wear of the current setup DCU -3, the commissioning of the DCU-TDA will keep the existing company scheme of processing of low-value heavy oil with a light oil and will provide the required level of load related facilities for raw materials.

The complex of installations for delayed coking and deasphalting of tar (DCU-TDA) is a kind of environmental sanitation facility, since it processes all the waste of oil products from the TCOR. When designing the DCU-TDA installation, a number of measures are provided to minimize the impact on the environment. The level of atmospheric air pollution in the area of the company's location after the project implementation will not exceed the established sanitary and hygienic standards.

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