The “Amu Darya” project is an important contribution to China's “green development”

The “Amu Darya” project is an important contribution to China's “green development”

Natural gas supplies from Turkmenistan to the Central Asia-China gas pipeline are made from several raw materials sources. Among them are the fields included in the contractual territory of "Bagtyyarlyk", which are developed by CNPC International (Turkmenistan) under the terms of the production sharing Agreement.

Over the 10 years since the launch of this energy highway, a large amount of exploration and drilling work has been performed related to the search, assessment of reserves and industrial development of hydrocarbon deposits on the right Bank of the “Amu Darya”. Two gas processing plants with a total capacity of 14 billion cubic meters of commercial gas per year have been built at the Samandepe field and in the Hojambaz etrap, as well as other production, logistics and social infrastructure facilities.

According to the CNPC press center, to date, 23 gas fields have been identified on the territory of “Bagtyyarlyk”, and there are 125 production wells. In 2019, 14.1 billion cubic meters of natural gas were produced and 13.1 billion cubic meters of gas were sent to China. In total, as of the end of December last year, the “Amu Darya” Gas company of the China national oil and gas Corporation (CNPC) exported 92.9 billion cubic meters of gas and produced 1.58 million tons of condensate.

The “Amu Darya” project, implemented on the contractual territory of “Bagtyarlyk” since 2007, is one of the largest foreign projects of the Corporation. It has become a model of productive Turkmen-Chinese cooperation in the gas sector and an important contribution to the promotion of the concept of "green development" in China.

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