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How to buy wholesale online?


As previously reported on the website of " Turkmenportal", a platform has created "" for wholesale trade of various goods from local and foreign countries.

According to site statistics, the number of site users increases day by day.

For this purpose, the wholesale trade platform is constantly improving its projects. The site design was recently changed. The new design uses attractive and convenient colors to bring it to the fore and give a boost to all the information on the website.

Since the main purpose of the platform is wholesale, all opportunities for users and suppliers are create.

As a supplier, it is very easy to trade on the platform "". To do this, you must first register on the platform. To do this, just answer the questions that appear in the "Create an account" menu. If you have an account, just enter your email “Address” and “Password”.

After registering as a supplier, you can easily place your products by clicking the "Add product" button.

Supplier's personal account on the site "" it consists of three main sections, namely:

The platform serves the "My products" section for easy management of products added by the supplier, and the "My brands" section for brand management.


In other words, you can see all the products added by the supplier in the "My products" menu. If you want products to be selected by brand, the "My brands" menu will help you.

The "My orders" section is design for easy management of user orders. In other words, here you can see information such as the product name, quantity, and cost of the entire order.

The main feature of the site is that it works in three languages. The presence of English and Russian languages in addition to Turkmen expands the geography of users "" who sell their products not only in the domestic market, but also in the foreign market.

This leads to the presence of a large number of users of added products, as well as to the convenience and affordable price of trading.

The site has a search form to save time and make it user-friendly. You can search for "Products" and "Sellers" separately using the search form.

For users of the platform, products are divide into groups in a certain order.

The site also has a special area for news and advertising. Ads automatically work as a place slider to quickly convey information to users, including a range of information.

For the user, the platform has sections such as "VIP products", "Favorite products" and "All products" to make the information richer.

To add a product to the VIP products section, you must meet a number of conditions.

The products most viewed by users are automatically place in the "Favorite products" section.

Newly added products are regularly place in the "All products" section.

When entering the required products, information such as the product brand, delivery date, price, minimum purchase amount, phone number and address for contacting the product owner is, provide.

You can also see the "Statistics" section at the bottom of the site. The user can use it to see the total number of products, brands, and suppliers that should be delete.

The wholesale platform is also designed for five provinces of the country. This gives users the opportunity to access wholesale online trading from anywhere in Turkmenistan.

Platform "" currently provides its services on the Internet. According to the official website, the company will soon launch software for smart devices.

If you have any questions about the platform "" or you have suggestions, you can contact the information listed in the "Contacts" menu on, or by email

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