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Oraza, the holy month of the Turkmen People

Oraza, the holy month of the Turkmen People

In the Muslim tradition there are very bright days that last a month, and this month is called Oraza.

For centuries, the Turkmen people have symbolized this month of friendliness, the strengthening of family ties, peace and tranquility. And the most beautiful custom of the Turkmen people who do not have anyone in the world, is that children start, go around all the houses with good news about the arrival of this month, and people distribute gifts and sweets to them.

In the month of Oraza, every Muslim wants to become better, cleaner, and tries to keep fast. Scientists say that in fasting there is no harm to the human body, but there is a benefit.

Fasting and medicine

According to the opinion of the doctors, fasting contributes to the physiological rest of the digestive and central nervous system, as well as normalizes metabolism. Hunger during the month of Oraza enhances the work of nerve cells, as a result of which a person begins to think better, memorize and master a large amount of information.


During the break from sunset to sunrise, the fasting person must eat a certain amount of food in small portions. The specific time specified in the calendar.

Due to the double food intake during fasting, there is no malnutrition or inadequate overeating. The average person during a fast period consumes two thirds of the required medical norm of calories, that is, fasting does not affect health in any way.

Some post conditions

According to tradition, if a person is on the road or is sick, there is no obligation to observe fasting. As soon as the illness passes or the person returns from travel, he can recover the number of days he missed. But if this disease is incurable, then the patient must give alms and feed the needy people.

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