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Friend or enemy – how not to catch a cold in the heat because of the air conditioner

Friend or enemy – how not to catch a cold in the heat because of the air conditioner

In the summer, almost every resident of Turkmenistan, coming from the street, dreams of one thing - to find quickly himself in a room with cool air-conditioned air. Even despite the fact that he is aware of the risk of catching a cold due to a sharp temperature drop. There are several methods of using air conditioners, thanks to that it is available to avoid the dubious pleasure of catching a cold in the middle of summer.

Reduce fan power. The fan “drives” the air around the room, and if the temperature is set to maximum cooling, a breath of cold wind will be felt in the room, under which it is just easier to catch a cold. Therefore, it is necessary to set the fan power to the minimum value. This will not make the room warmer, but the cold draft will disappear.

Arriving from the street, you should not immediately go into the room where the air conditioner is working, it is best to wait a few minutes in the next one, away from the draft. A hot body plus clothes damp with sweat is a great way to earn, if not a sore throat, then neuralgia or sciatica.

You should also avoid air conditioning after an intense workout or a hot shower.

It is necessary to wash the conditioner from time to time. Its filters accumulate not only dust, but also pathogens, the most dangerous of which is legionella. The disease “legionnaires” sometimes called the air conditioner disease, causes lung damage, similar to the symptoms of pneumonia. Yes, and less dangerous bacteria and fungi that have settled in the air conditioner can cause serious illness.

Turn on the swing of the “curtains” of the wall unit - this method will permit to avoid the flow of cold air directed to one place and hypothermia.

If you come from a hot street and the air conditioner is not turned on, you should not immediately turn it on at full power, setting the temperature to 16. It is best to set the temperature to 24 degrees and lower it gradually.

Do not sit directly under a running air conditioner. Even if you do not feel discomfort from the cold air, after some time you may be in for an unpleasant surprise in the form of a runny nose or pain in your back and neck.

From time to time, it is necessary to ventilate the room. The air conditioner dries the air, which in turn causes drying of the mucous membranes and a decrease in local immunity, which increases the risk of getting sick. In addition, indoors with stagnant air actively multiply bacteria and viruses.

All these simple ways will permit to enjoy all the benefits of air conditioners and at the same time avoid hypothermia and colds.


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