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What miracles in cooking can create sparkling water

What miracles in cooking can create sparkling water

You will surprise, but sparkling water is good not only as a soft drink. Experienced chefs use it in the preparation of pastries and marinades.

Try the following recipes and make sure your baking with sparkling water is fluffy and tender.


To make a pie you will need:

  • Sugar – 360 gr
  • Flour – 520 gr
  • Baking powder – 10 gr
  • Egg – 4 eggs
  • Sparkling water – 200 ml
  • Vegetable oil – 200 ml

Mix eggs and sugar and beat thoroughly. Then add vanilla, vegetable oil and part of the flour. Combine the second part of the flour with the baking powder and gradually add to the dough. At the end, pour in sparkling water and bring the dough to a homogeneous mass. Spread half of the dough into a mold, put the fruit and add the rest of the dough. Bake the cake in an oven preheated to 180 degrees for 40-45 minutes.

Such a pie can be prepared not only with the addition of various berries and fruits, but also chopped nuts, dried fruits or cinnamon.

Yeast dough

To prepare the perfect dough for soft and fluffy pastries, it should be kneaded with sparkling water. In this case, you need to “do not hammer” the dough with a lot of flour, it should be soft. Such a universal dough can be used for any pastry: pies, pizza, pies and other desserts.


One of the popular marinades for barbecue is sparkling water, thanks to which the meat becomes soft and swells. For such a marinade, herbs, spices, onion rings and sparkling water are used. At the same time, you need to monitor the amount of added liquid and prevent the meat from floating in the water. After marinating the meat for an hour, you can safely fry it.

As you see, sparkling water is one of the must-have products that a hostess should have on hand.

IE Täjir ýyldyzy has been producing various types of soft drinks under the Buzly Dag brand in Turkmenistan since 2019. The company's assortment includes about 20 fruit flavors, and also sparkling and plain water. The enterprise is equipped with modern high-tech equipment with program control, which makes it possible to produce drinks in glass bottles – 6 000 per hour, and in plastic ones – 10 000 per hour.

The Buzly Dag store is located at the address: Anau, st. Telekechiler, house 12.

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