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Buzly Dag told on how much it is possible to drink sweet soda without harm to health

Buzly Dag told on how much it is possible to drink sweet soda without harm to health

Agree, it is difficult to imagine a friendly meeting, a wedding or children’s party without soda drinks on the table. Soda has become an integral part of modern culture.

The sweet drink was first patented in the US 180 years ago. Interesting, that today’s popular drinks were invented for medical purpose.

A Turkmen producer of soda drinks and bottled water Buzly Dag, answered to the traditional question “To drink or not to drink?”, and if to drink, how much.

“Of course, the benefits of water for human health are undeniable. Moderation and balance between the little pleasures of life, like a sip of a chilled drink on a hot day or a glass of soda during a holiday, is the answer to your questions. In accordance with the recommendations, simple carbohydrates should not exceed 10% of the total caloric intake, which is 330 ml for a man and 200 ml for a woman”.

IE Täjir ýyldyzy has been supplying the Turkmen market with various types of soft drinks under the Buzly Dag brand since 2019. The range includes almost two dozen fruit flavors, and also soda and plain water.

In the future, the company plans to expand the line of Buzly Dag soda drinks with new berry and fruit flavors.

Täjir ýyldyzy products are presented in the store at the address: Anau, st. Telekechiler, house 12.

For cooperation, it is available to call 21-62-68; 57-61-29 or at the address: Ashgabat, Turkmenistan Bitarap shayoly, 108.

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