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Buzly Dag with Coca-Cola flavor is presented in stores throughout Turkmenistan

Buzly Dag with Coca-Cola flavor is presented in stores throughout Turkmenistan

The taste of cola is recognizable from the first sip as it is the best-selling soft drink in the world.

In Turkmenistan, an analogue of soda with a legendary taste under the Buzly Dag brand is produced by the individual enterprise Täjir ýyldyzy. Kola has become a bright addition to the Buzly Dag series of drinks on the shelves of stores and retail chains in the country.

Over the more than 130-year history of Coca-Cola, quite a few interesting facts have accumulated:

  • In 1928, Coca-Cola became the first Olympic sponsor of the Amsterdam Summer Games.
  • In 1985, soda was the first soft drink in space.
  • In 1991, Coca-Cola was the first to introduce recycled bottles.

Moreover, the image of the modern Santa Claus originated from advertising cola in the 30s of the last century. Especially for the advertising campaign of the drink, illustrator Haddon Sundblom drew a cheerful old man with a curly beard, after which the image of a wizard was fixed among the people.

IE Täjir ýyldyzy under the Buzly Dag brand, in addition to pure drinking water, produces carbonated drinks with a variety of flavors: pear, orange, strawberry, grape, barberry and others. A small volume of Buzly Dag bottles – 0,33 ml and 0,5 l is convenient to take for a walk or to study, and 1,5 liter for containers are suitable for a large company.

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