Ethnical carpets: originality and saturation of colors

Ethnical carpets: originality and saturation of colors

Ethnic carpets are mainly bright products that will help to add saturation to the home environment.

The magic of traditional ornaments astonishingly fits with different modern style, whether that be minimalism, Skandia, loft, even metallic hi-tech will only be transformed with the presence of a bright ethnic carpet. Probably, the main thing is that natural materials used in creation of traditional carpet flooring perfectly harmonize with natural fabrics, wood, leather and metal.


Today a huge range of different carpet flooring in ethnical style strike the imagination. Wool and silk, napped and napless, with distinct geometric patterns or open-knit floral vignette – colorful traditional carpets become one of the main décor elements and with increasing frequency are used by designers.

Such diversity of traditional carpets could be found in Arzuw haly store, where the ethnical carpets are presented in the wide color range: from classic, usual for palaces – blue, red, green to warm and cold tones.

Carpets are also distinguished by ornaments: interlacing of geometrical lines, styled flowers, animal dynamics, gyols and much more.

Magnificent Turkmen, Persian and Turkish carpets presented here can be selected also by the composition. Thus, Arzuw haly implements coatings made of silk, natural materials, synthetics, viscose and other fabrics.

It should be highlighted that the store also provides free measuring service. Arzuw haly specialists, having measured the room, would promptly pick up the best option, if applicable, they will provide the size you need and process the edges.

Customer orientation is the main advantage of Arzuw haly store.

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