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Six interesting facts about carpets


For centuries, the carpet is an ancient companion of the human dwelling, and not losing its actuality around the world to this day. In additional it is not known, when the first carpet was weaved exactly. Might be that many nations began to manufacture them simultaneously, without interacting with each other.

We would like to offer some interesting information about carpets.

  • On the Hermitage you can see the world priceless exhibition – the old Pazyryk carpet. It has saved on its original form, because it was found in burial-mount under the layer of ice.

  • Carpet weaving is considered as one of the oldest handicrafts mastered by human, and that is why this skill was included in the UNESCO list of cultural heritage.
  • There are exhibitions of carpets crated by designers of metal, bolts, pasta, beans, and other materials in the Netherlands. And they look elegant and beautiful.
  • It is not a secret that red carpets are spread before royalty, leaders and wealthy people. The American entertainer decided to break this custom and spread the red carpet at the premiere of the Hollywood film, which organically fits into all important events of cinema since then.

  • There were no carpets in Europe in the Middle Ages. Their functions were performed by reed or reed stems woven into a kind of material. Nobody cleaned such kind of beddings, they were just thrown away when they got dirty.
  • The handmade antique silk carpet from Central Persia, was sold at auction in 2008 for 4 450 000 million USD. This is the most expensive sold carpet at auction for this day.

The fashion for carpets in the house will never pass. Many of hostess are based on their personal taste while choosing a carpet, but the professional advice also will not be superfluous. One of the experienced experts in the carpet and carpet products at markets are employees of “Arzuv haly” store. Specialists of “Arzuv haly” will help to choose a carpet that will suit the customer’s desire, taking into an account of criteria: style, warmth and comfort, sound insulation, safety, durability simplicity of maintenance. And the free service of measuring and processing the edges of the product for any area will greatly facilitate the selection process and make the purchase of a carpet especially pleasant.

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