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What are the advantages of trucking


Road transportation is the most demanded and widespread type of cargo transportation, both for short and long distances over 1000 km. They can be carried out in any place where there are highways. Automobile transport is indispensable in the implementation of multimodal cargo transportation, as part of the cargo delivery scheme to the place. An obstacle for the car can only be large water obstacles - seas or oceans.

The “Hazar Logistik” company carries out all types of cargo transportation by road, such as transportation of especially dangerous or heavy goods, container transportation, transportation in special temperature conditions (in refrigerated trucks and isothermal vans).

Like other methods of delivery of goods, road transportation has a number of its own indisputable advantages. Hazar Logistik specialists told about them in detail.

  1. It is beneficial, especially over short distances. In this regard, road deliveries significantly outperform railway ones, since their cost for the same distances is lower, and the speed is higher. Road transport is especially beneficial for the delivery of food products within a city or within a region or district.
  2. Quick registration of accompanying documents, you can send the goods directly on the day of the request.
  3. Mobility and flexibility in movement. When transporting goods by road, it is possible to deliver the goods personally to the hands of the customer.
  4. The capabilities of modern trucks allow you to transport almost any kind of cargo, including hazardous or heavy ones. Some companies even undertake the delivery of goods less than 1 kg.
  5. Flexible schedule, lack of a strict departure timetable, which must be adhered to. The cargo can be sent at any time convenient for the transport company and the client.
  6. No special infrastructure is required for loading (loading terminals, special sorting points). The presence of roads to the point of arrival and the hand of loaders are enough.

The activity of the Hazar Logistik company is aimed at the delivery of goods both within Turkmenistan and to the CIS countries.

The list of services of the company also includes forwarding (escort) of goods by road throughout the entire journey. Equipping cars with special GPS equipment allows you to track their progress to their destination.

When composing a route for the delivery of goods to a customer, the company's specialists analyze and calculate the most profitable direction in order to minimize financial and time losses during transportation.

Also, the specialists of the “Hazar Logistik” company guarantee high-quality passage of all the necessary customs procedures and provide a full range of loading and unloading services. The company's offices in Ashgabat and Mary organize cargo transportation in all directions.


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