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The company «Hazar Logistik» offers container transportation services

The company «Hazar Logistik» offers container transportation services

As a part of the global logistics network, the individual enterprise Hazar «Logistic» offers full-fledged container transportation services to any point of the world.

Multimodal cargo transportation, including intercontinental routes, allows the use of different types of transport, which significantly reduces the time of container transportation. The company carries out the transportation of containerized cargo by sea, road, rail, and air.

«Hazar Logistik» is actively working in key regions for Turkmenistan, such as Turkey, China, Russia, and others. With three offices throughout the country, the company timely monitors the passage of container cargo.

The company offers attractive and competitive prices to its customers from 15 countries. «Hazar Logistik» specialists will develop alternative forms of cargo delivery and costs for a specific season, and select the most suitable route and vehicle taking into account the interests of customers.

Additionally, «Hazar Logistik» provides a whole range of services, including:

  • Competitive rates for container shipping;
  • Authorized multimodal logistics (shipment, transfer, road, railway, and others). Special conditions at the Turkmenbashi terminal;
  • Low cost of customs clearance;
  • Full support of foreign economic activity (import and export) and other services;
  • Consolidation, search services, and more.

Moreover, «Hazar logistik» offers complex operations.

A friendly team of 50 professionals work at all levels of services, providing consulting support per customers' requests.

Detailed information about the services of «Hazar Logistik» is available on the company's website.

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