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"Hazar Logistik" Turkmen company offers trucking services

"Hazar Logistik" Turkmen company offers trucking services

Truck transportation is the most demanded cargo delivery service, which has many advantages, including versatility, efficiency, and reliability.

"Hazar Logistik” Individual enterprise, which has many years of experience in logistics, offering use of trucking services, which are carried out both within the country and abroad.

Cargos are sent to Iran, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, China, Iraq, Georgia, and Dubai.

For transportation, depending on the cargo, the following types of transport are used:

  • Awning;
  • Container ship;
  • Refrigerator.

The company's specialists will help you develop the most profitable direction and provide services such as:

  • Freight forwarding by road;
  • Monitoring of cargo traffic using GPS navigation;
  • Full range of loading and unloading services;
  • Transportation of any complex and oversized cargo.

The company guarantees the observance of all international norms and conditions for the safe storage and transportation of special cargo, including fragile, oversized and dangerous.

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