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Why rail freight is more profitable than others

Why rail freight is more profitable than others

Rail transport, both passenger and freight, has been and remains one of the safest types in our time. The developed network of railways around the world, powerful diesel and electric locomotives, various types of containers for the transportation of goods of any type allow us to deliver goods over long distances within one continent. Serious accidents in rail transport are rare, and although rail travel takes much longer than air travel, its demand is not diminishing.

The list of advantages of railway transportation includes their independence from natural and climatic conditions. The intensity of traffic on railways does not depend on the season (unlike sea or river navigation); railways can be built in almost any region of the planet.

Moreover, the throughput of railways is practically unlimited, it amounts to tens of millions of tons of cargo per year.

Modern technology makes it possible to ensure a fairly short delivery time of goods, even over long distances. Also, railway transport allows you to create a direct connection between large enterprises, which also reduces the time and cost of delivery of goods.

The well-developed infrastructure and material and technical base of railway junctions makes it possible to ensure efficient organization of loading and unloading operations.

In addition, one of the advantages of rail transportation is their relatively low cost.

Turkmenistan has an extensive network of railways that connect our country not only with neighboring states, but also lead to foreign markets. Because of this, rail transportation is so popular in Turkmenistan.

The company “Hazar Logistik” carries out intercity and international railway transportation with the inclusion of related services - the provision of special equipment for loading and unloading operations, paperwork, delivery of goods from the railway station to the consignee's warehouse, cargo insurance and much more. The technical equipment allows organizing the delivery of any type of cargo by rail, including hazardous or requiring special conditions for transportation.

Thanks to its extensive experience in the delivery and warehousing of goods, creating a reliable supply chain, “Hazar Logistik” provides reliable and fast delivery of goods both within Turkmenistan and abroad - to the CIS countries and Europe. Three offices of the company in different parts of the country provide a wide geography of directions. Thus, the office in Mary provides services in the directions Artyk - Serakhs - Farap. 

The Ashgabat office is fully responsible for rail services, while the Turkmenbashi branch is mainly engaged in sea transportation.

For more information about the company's activities, follow the link.


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