6 documentaries that can "hook" a children's audience

6 documentaries that can "hook" a children's audience

Children's audience, in fact, is the most finicky and harder to please them than adults. Moreover, when it comes to documentaries, most believe that they are created for the older generation. Although, modern cinema now offers tapes for family viewing and the concept of “lifelong learning” is fully applicable to these films. Autumn holidays are ahead and we offer children a selection of educational pictures, where you can learn a lot of useful things about wildlife, the underwater world, space and much more.


The seabed remains for us the “reverse space”. The oceans and their inhabitants have been studied by only 2% and the film tells about the secrets of the depths of the sea. The work of striking beauty captures the viewer's attention from the first minutes and does not let go until the last seconds. Perhaps the filmmakers will inspire a new generation of oceanographers to make sensational discoveries. And I would like to say separately about the skill and quality of filming. What the viewer sees on the screen is simply amazing and sometimes resembles computer animation, and one involuntarily wonders how it was filmed!

A film marked 0+ is recommended for viewing for all ages.

2040: Join the regeneration

The film encourages thinking about the future of our planet in about 20 years. How would the world change and solve the existing problems if we used the best discoveries and technologies currently at the disposal of mankind. Everything depends on us.

The plot of the film is based on a video message that director Damon Gamo is recording for his four-year-old daughter.

Documentary footage, interviews with renowned scientists and vivid footage with visual special effects help the viewer glimpse into 2040. The film makes us think about the options for the development of the plot of the future of our planet and will be interesting for both children (6+) and parents to watch.

Deepsea Challenge

The Mariana Trench is one of the most mysterious and unexplored places on planet Earth, which keeps the greatest secrets in darkness and silence. Such places have not been touched by the evolution of human development and are full of scientific discoveries. "Challenge to the Abyss" is a gripping film about an expedition of historic proportions, which can be compared in importance to the first manned flight into space or landing on the moon. The picture will hypnotize the viewer of any age with the beauty of new life forms and the excitement of real discoveries. The film was shot in 3D and recommended to an audience of 6+.

The Elephant queen

The documentary, marked 0+, tells the story of a family of African elephants, led by the big elephant Athena. She is ready to do anything to protect her herd from any danger. The film belongs to the category of family films and tells an amazing story about the "journey" of elephants in search of water and a new home. The topic of endangered species is also touched upon here, and there are stories about the life of various animals in the African savannah, about their feelings, experiences and how they seek their happiness.

Space files

The mysteries of the cosmos are a series of programs in which scientists share their incredible, and sometimes even shocking discoveries about the Universe. The results of their observations can turn our ideas about the world around us.

Researchers believe that on the now incandescent planet Venus (an average of 460 degrees Celsius), life once existed, where there were oceans, rivers and Venusians. Traces of life were also found on Mars, where, allegedly, the ruins of an ancient civilization were discovered, the age of which may be more than 100 million years. The series of paintings "Secrets of Space" are devoted to issues related to our planet and various other phenomena that are under study. The film will attract the attention of an older audience of children 12+.

Voyage of Time: Life's Journey

In this documentary, the author showed the history of the Universe, starting from the moment of its inception. The film describes in detail and colorfully the emergence of the planet Earth, revealing the secrets of the most beautiful event - the birth of life on it. The film is dedicated to the nature and processes that govern the Universe, reveals the facets of the Universe. It uses graphics of the highest level, which immerses the viewer in the fantastic process of evolution on our planet. The picture is suitable for family viewing and comes with a 6+ mark.

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