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Anime movies worth watching

Anime movies worth watching

Japanese anime is a unique animation that has gained popularity all over the world. The variety of genres and styles, the characteristic manner of drawing characters and backgrounds, memorable musical accompaniment - these features of anime cartoons attract the attention of both children and adults.

For those who first decided to plunge into the world of Japanese animation, below is a selection of popular anime films.

Kiki's delivery service

An anime film that convinces children that 13 is the time to live on their own. The young witch Kiki, upon reaching the age of 13, lives with ordinary people. Going to the city, the main character meets a baker who helps her in opening her own business - an emergency delivery service. Here she meets new people, makes friends and does a bunch of all sorts of tricks.

My neighbor Totoro

An inimitable charming nostalgic anime masterpiece about 1950s Japan, its forests and the spirits that lived there. Having moved with their father to a village house, the sisters Satsuki and Mei discovered that spirits - guardians of the forest, led by their powerful and kind master - Totoro, lived in the neighboring forest. In the course of the film, a friendship is struck between the girls and Totoro, and their adventures begin.

Batman: Arkham Assault

With the aim of infiltrating the Arkham psychiatric hospital and obtaining stolen classified information from the hands of prisoner Edward Nygma, a secret government organization forms a special squad consisting of mercenaries and assassins.

Porco Rosso

An anime film with elegant graphics about civilian pilots and hijackers in pre-war southern Europe. After losing faith in humanity, the brave pilot and hero of the First World War, Marco Pagot turned into a humanoid pig, and now Marco is known as Porco Rosso. Air pirates, robbing ships and yachts became the target of his hunt, but in the future, he himself will have to become their target. Will he be able to escape persecution and return to human form?

Decorate farewell morning with flowers of promise

A psychologically family drama set in a medieval fantasy world. The immortal beauty Makia hides in the forest after the army has taken over her people to take possession of the secret of eternal life. In the forest, Makia meets a boy who has lost his parents - Erial and takes care of him.

Spirited Away

A magical anime tale about a little girl learning to grow up in the world of otherworldly creatures. While moving to a new home, Chihiro and his parents got lost and ended up in a strange, deserted city, where a great feast awaits them. Having pounced on food, the parents turn into pigs, being captured by the evil sorceress Yubaba. Left alone with herself, Chihiro tries to save her parents from the clutches of an evil old woman.

In the modern world, films are released at such a speed that a good half of what we do not have time to watch, but do not even know about their existence. Today, the development of technology makes it possible to find any film in a matter of minutes and watch it in high quality online.

One of such convenient virtual cinemas where you can watch these and other films is Belet Film from the Turkmentelecom telecommunication company. It is a service with a large collection of films, TV series and cartoons of all genres, available on both Android and IOS. The main advantage of Belet Film is the ability to watch movies without an Internet connection, having previously downloaded them to your mobile phone. The virtual cinema has easy navigation and search. If you are undecided about the choice, on the site you can find the latest news, read descriptions and recommendations.

You can activate the service in the subscriber's personal account and in the subscriber departments of Turkmentelecom. The subscription price is 30 manat.


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