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Top 8 Movies Based on Video and Computer Games (Part I)


Movies have always been one of the favorite pastimes of young people and not only. Genres were invented and updated over the years. Along with the tastes of young people, the genre of films based on video and computer games has matured and is gaining more and more popularity. This genre is usually part of the action genre. Characters fight aliens, save humanity from paranormal villains or destroy enemies, pursue their own goals. However, it happens that in such films they experiment with genres, they frighten the audience or make them think about the motives of the characters.

Movies based on computer and video games are created almost every year. Some of them collect full cinemas, others can be considered a failure. In this article we will look at 8 both successful and not very, but undoubtedly the most interesting films based on computer games.

1. "Resident Evil" (Japanese name Biohazard) is a film series that is a film adaptation of the series of the computer game of the same name developed by Capcom. To date, the series consists of seven films, most of which were written by the famous Paul Anderson, and the main role was played by the wonderful Milla Jovovich.

The plot of the cinematic universe tells about a biological disaster that occurred due to genetic tests conducted by Umbrella. As a result of a deliberate incident, the virus spreads throughout the world, turning people into walking zombies, devouring each other. Throughout the series of films, the heroine of Milla Jovovich has to fight not only with a hostile commercial structure, but also with hordes of dead people and mutants, who are used over and over again by the Umbrella corporation to destroy the remnants of humanity.

Interesting fact: the series of films "Resident Evil" was noted in the Guinness Book of Records, becoming the record holder for the number of video game adaptations.

2. "Hitman" (English Hitman) - action movie, film adaptation of the universe of the game Hitman. For all the time, two films were shot "Hitman" (2007) and "Hitman: Agent 47" (2015). While both films were able to recoup themselves at the box office, unfortunately, the fan community was critical of both adaptations, condemning the films for ignoring the concept of the original source.

The plot of the film tells about a genetically modified killer, code number 47, who is many times superior to ordinary people in his skills. The hero will have to carry out various tasks to kill important persons, be involved in conspiracies that ultimately turn against him, defend himself from various enemies and establish order in the world.

Interesting fact: they wanted to invite Fast and Furious star Paul Walker to the lead role for Hitman: Agent 47, but, unfortunately, he died tragically at the end of 2013.

3. "Silent Hill" (English Silent Hill) - a series of stylish horror films, carefully transferring to the big screen the frightening atmosphere of the series of computer games Silent Hill, developed by the Japanese company Konami. The first part was directed by Christoph Hans, and the plot of the film tried to stick to the original source. The second part, created by Michael J. Bassett based on the third part of the game Silent Hill, departed from the canons of the game. Unfortunately, none of the parts could win the love of viewers and fans of the series, but the audience enthusiastically noted the graphic component and atmosphere of both films.

The story tells about Sharon, whose fate periodically sends her to the mysterious, ash-covered city of Silent Hill, where the heroine will have to learn the secrets of the city and her birth, occasionally meeting disgusting and terrible monsters on her way.

Interesting fact: director Christoph Hans did not want to see a lot of CGI in his film. Therefore, all the monsters that appear in the frame are real people in makeup and costumes, and not a computer effect. The only monsters that were created using computer graphics are huge cockroaches that chased the main characters.

4. "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider" (English Lara Croft: Tomb Raider). The plot of the films is based on the computer game Tomb Raider, in which the main character is the archaeologist Lara Croft. The popularity of the game fell on the 90s, and in 2001 the first picture was released with the charming Angelina Jolie, who also played in the second part of the film. Separately, it should be noted the success of the choice of the actress for the main role, tk. Jolie, like no one else, was able to embody the image of Lara, striking thousands of spectators with her beauty, grace and performance.

The story tells about the adventures of a hunter for the most valuable and unique artifacts of mankind. Having visited different parts of the world, she is constantly looking for something new. Throughout the trilogy, Lara will face various trials, extraordinary puzzles, the fight against various criminals and her becoming as a heroine.

Interesting fact: In the Guinness Book of Records, Lara Croft is recorded as the most recognizable character in video games. A documentary has been made about her and even a book has been written: Lara's Book: Lara Croft and the Tomb Raider Phenomenon.

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