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Top 8 Movies Based on Video and Computer Games (Part II)


Watching films at all times has been an interesting activity for all ages. Movies can make you cry, think about life, teach new things, or just make you laugh. What genre of films to watch - everyone decides independently. But in today's article, we would like to continue our topic about top films based on video and computer games.

1. "Prince of Persia" is an adaptation of the cult series of games of the same name, created by Ubisoft. The main roles in the film were played by Jake Gyllenhaal and Gemma Arterton. The film was released in 2010 and received mixed reviews overall. The audience mainly emphasized the epic, spectacular and soulfulness of the recreated story.

The main character of the film is the young prince Dastan, who always defeated enemies in battle, loses his kingdom due to the insidious intrigues of the courtier. From now on, Dastan will have to steal a powerful magic artifact from the villains - a magic dagger that can turn back time and make its owner the ruler of the world. Using his brilliant weapon skills, and remarkable abilities in acrobatics and balancing act, Dastan will have to defeat his enemies and return his kingdom back.

Interesting fact: The inventor of this sport, Frenchman David Belle, became a consultant on parkour on the set.
2. Max Payne is an adaptation based on the Max Payne series of noir games by Remedy Entertainment. The film was a complete flop at the box office, receiving mostly negative reviews. Even big-scale stars such as Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis could not save the situation. It should be noted that the choice of Wahlberg for the role of Payne was not a very good decision. Alas, the actor did not manage to get used to the role and show that unquenchable pain and abyss of despair, which the game Max Payne so truthfully conveyed, and which was felt by the players through the screens of the monitors.

The plot of both the game and the film tells the story of an employee of the Drug Enforcement Administration, Max Payne, whose life turns into a terrible nightmare after his wife and young son are killed. Armed with the goal to find and track down the culprit, Max sets out on the streets of gloomy New York. His search is complicated by the fact that he is unfairly accused of murder, and everyone who is not lazy begins to hunt for him - the New York Police Department, the criminal world and the city authorities.

Fearless and full of desperate determination, Max will have to shed light on all the secrets associated with the destruction of his family, and get satisfaction from the revenge that he longed from the very beginning.

Interesting fact: The supporting characters in the film were played by such celebrities as Ludacris, Nelly Furtado and Olga Kurylenko.

3. "Mortal Kombat" - perhaps one of the most famous adaptations of the legendary fighting game developed by Midway Games. In various years, films, TV series, cartoons, short films based on the game were shot. And although the reviews about them have always varied among themselves, one thing was true for everyone - the fans of the game have always found in the films the very tube atmosphere of the fighting game and the character of the characters, which has become so sweet since childhood.

The story tells about a long-standing confrontation between Good and Evil, forcing the gods to make a difficult decision. As a result, they organized a tournament where the brave warriors of the Earth and the Outside World must come together in mortal combat.

The heroes of the film adaptations periodically converge on the battle arenas in order to prove who is stronger.

Interesting facts: although the film absorbed many chips and features of the game, in turn, he himself presented a lot and very valuable for the Mortal Kombat series. For example, the phrase GET OVER HERE! from Scorpio, voiced by Ed Boone, has become an integral part of this character, whether he is in comics, games, films or TV series. It is also impossible to ignore the musical accompaniment of the film, which became cult and subsequently, when heard, was always associated with the film.

4. "Warcraft" is an adventure fantasy film based on the cult online game from Blizzard Entertainment. The film was heavily criticized for its plot, but it was highly praised for its animated effects, realism of characters and execution, as well as atmospheric - everything looked like it came straight from the game.

The film tells about the epic confrontation between humans and orcs. The human kingdom of Azeroth stood for many years until a portal opened and a horde of mighty unseen creatures (orcs) poured in. The fierce war between humans and orcs and describes the further plot of the film.

Interesting facts: The film's director Duncan Jones redesigned the script a lot after joining the project. He did not like the fact that people were portrayed in the film as good, and the monsters were shown as completely bad. He considered this approach outdated and greatly shifted the emphasis to show the war from two sides. Blizzard, in turn, approved of the director's similar view.

This list is not limited to all films based on video games, we do not even suspect about most of them. Modern technologies make it possible to find any information in a short time, including films, and watch it in high quality online.

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