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Not boring vacations: what to do with children in summer

Not boring vacations: what to do with children in summer

In such a matter as the organization of children's summer vacations, adults are usually divided into two camps. The former believe that children should only have rest in the summer, while the latter believe that children should study and study, without interruption for all three summer months.

For the most balanced and favorable time, we offer the third option: both to relax and study. As they say, the best rest is a change of activity, so we will make sure that this activity is interesting and useful.

  • Scientific workshops, shows and quests

Explore the programs of various venues in your city: houses of culture, parks, children's clubs, libraries, and so on. Often in the summer there are various events held there, which will leave a lot of impressions.

  • Local city entertainment

In the summer, theaters, cinemas, museums, parks, circus organize many performances that will be interesting and useful for children of all ages.

Theaters in the capital city:

- The main drama theater named after Saparmurat Turkmenbashi;
- National Music and Drama Theater named after Mahtumkuli;
- Turkmen National Youth Theater named after Alp Arslan;
- State Russian Drama Theater named after A.S.Pushkin;
- Turkmen State Puppet Theater, Mollanepes Student Theater;
- Theater “Artist”.

Velayat theaters:

- State Drama Theater named after Kemine of Mary velayat;
- State Music and Drama Theater named after Seyitnazar Seydi of Lebap velayat;
- State Music and Drama Theater named after Nurmukhamet Andalib of Dashoguz velayat;
- State Drama Theater named after Saparmurat Turkmenbashi of the Great of Balkan velayat.

Cinemas: the Berkarar cinema, the “Turkmenistan” cinema and concert hall, the “Vatan” cinema, the cinema in the “Belent” shopping and entertainment center in the city of Mary and much more.

Every day, of course, you do not go to events, but you can draw up a summer entertainment plan and skillfully alternate them with family affairs and personal activities of the child.

Museums: Museum of Fine Arts of Turkmenistan, Museum of the Academy of Arts, National Museum “Ak Bugday”, State Museum of Turkmenistan (Museum of Ethnography and Regional Study of Turkmenistan), National Museum of Turkmen Carpet, State Cultural Center of Turkmenistan, Museum of Neutrality of Turkmenistan, Museum of the Constitution of Turkmenistan, Local History museum of Dashoguz velayat, Museum of Local History of Lebap velayat.

Parks: World of Turkmen fairy tales, “Gunesh” Park, “Independence” Park, “Turkmen-Turkish Friendship Park”, “Ashgabat” Park (known as the First Park), Park named after Bayram Han.

Gerogly Park in Dashoguz velayat.

Druzhba park in Lebap velayat.

Other places of entertainment: Cable way “Asma ýoly”, State Circus of Turkmenistan, Health Trail, National Museum of Wildlife (Ashgabat Zoo), Central Botanical Garden of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan.

Children's playgrounds: shopping center “Berkarar”, cultural and entertainment center “Älem”, “Aşgabadyň ýalkymy”, “Gül Zemin”, “Bagtyýarlyk”, “Children's World”, “World of Turkmenbashi's fairy tales” (Turkmen Disneyland). In Lebap velayat there is a shopping and entertainment center “Lebap”, and in the city of Farap there is a children's cultural and entertainment center “Detsky Mir”. In Mary velayat “Belent”, in Dashoguz velayat “Rysgal”.

  • Children's health camps

Recreational children's camps are created on the basis of schools, children's centers, museums, etc. These camps are sometimes referred to as summer clubs or summer day programs. Specialists in children's camps take care of the child throughout the day, while the parents are at work. Such camps are suitable for children of all ages: this is a great opportunity to actively relax, show creativity, find new friends and learn to live independently without parents.

There are a lot of them in our country, in Ashgabat such as “Beyik Serdar nesileri", "Gekdere", "Nebitchi", "Altyn Damzha", "Yashlyk", "Shohle", "Chinar", "Demirelchi", "Chesme" , "Altyn Yildiz", "Durdyane".

  • Hobbies and other entrainments

Summer is a great time to find something to do and give it as much time as it takes. If a child wants to embroider or draw, sculpt from clay by a ceramics studio; dancing, gymnastics; singing, swimming, football (“Bagtyýarlyk” sports complex), playing musical instruments, collecting, improving knowledge, learning a foreign language and getting ready for school, creating projects, learning robotics, holidays - this is the time when you need to start embodying bold ideas.

  • Board games

Chess, “Imaginarium”, “Erudite”, “Monopoly” and other board games develop logic and general outlook - this is a great option for evening entertainment.

Thus, so that the child does not languish with idleness for three months of vacation, it is important to fill this time with pleasant and bright moments so that the summer will pass with benefit and good memories will remain after it.

After all, even on vacation, you can develop and study for yourself. The main thing is to correctly plan the time me and entertainment. Dear readers, if you know more ways to keep children busy or establishments for children's entertainment, you can supplement the publication. Send us your suggestions to Please stay tuned, because the information will be gradually updated.


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