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Where should a child write a letter to Father Frost?


New Year is a magical holiday that always brings joy and gifts. At this time, children all over the world write letters to Father Frost, telling them about their desires and dreams.

Where can a child write a letter to Father Frost? There are several options.

Father Frost's post office in Veliky Ustyug is the most traditional option. Letters sent here will definitely reach the addressee.

- Veliky Ustyug: 162390, Vologda region, Veliky Ustyug, lane. Oktyabrsky, 1a.

Father Frost’s post office in other cities of Russia:

- Moscow: 109472, Moscow, Kuzminsky forest, Volgogradsky prospect, property 168d;
- Altai: Belokurikha, st. Slavskogo, 17;
- Karelia: Republic of Karelia, Olonets, st. 30th anniversary of the Victory, 8;
- Tatarstan: Republic of Tatarstan, Arsky district, village. Yana Kyrlay;
- Nizhny Novgorod region: Nizhny Novgorod region, Utechino village, 171a.

In the era of modern technology, even the conservative Father Frost has email.

- Veliky Ustyug:;
- Moscow:;
- Altai:

Don't forget to sign the letter and include your address!

Believe in miracles yourself and help your children believe. And for those who doubt the existence of Father Frost, we offer you to get acquainted with 5 irrefutable evidences of the existence of the wizard.


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