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The design of Essentuki mineral water bottles has been updated


The manufacturer of the world-famous Essentuki mineral waters, Aqua Holding, has presented an updated design of Essentuki No. 4 and Essentuki No. 17 water bottles.

"Essentuki" will continue to be produced in the usual format: "Essentuki No. 4" - a glass bottle of 0,45l and 0,5, 1 and 1,5l PET; "Essentuki No. 17" - glass bottle 0,45l and 1l PET.

The changes affected the shape of glass and PET bottles - the new design was developed exclusively for the Essentuki brand and emphasizes the uniqueness of this water and its rich heritage. The label design remains the same.

The glass bottle is now presented in a unique, laconic and modern form, with relief elements on the shoulders of the bottle: the brand logo in the form of an eagle soaring over Mount Elbrus and the inscription "Essentuki".

The 0,5 liter PET bottle follows the shape of a glass bottle, and a recognizable logo is also placed on the shoulders of the bottle.

On PET bottles of 1 and 1,5 liters, there are relief images of a mountain range around the entire circumference, repeating the outlines of the brand logo; each bottle has a three-dimensional inscription "Essentuki" / Essentuki.

Thanks to the new design, it is now even easier to find real Essentuki on the shelf, literally by touch! In addition, the only manufacturer of "Essentuki" is the Russian company "Holding Aqua".

Bottles in the updated design will first appear on sale simultaneously with earlier versions of the packaging.

Mineral waters "Essentuki No. 4" and "Essentuki No. 17" contain a large amount of useful minerals: calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, boron, silicon and many others. Due to the unique composition of water and the special conditions of formation in the depths of the Caucasus Mountains, Essentuki mineral water has a positive effect on the entire body, helps to increase the body's health reserves and resistance to negative environmental factors (ecology, stress, etc.), and contributes to the normalization of the nervous system , strengthening immunity and creating favorable factors for a healthy microbiota.Over 200 years of using this water in sanatoriums, a powerful scientific base has been accumulated for the use of Essentuki in the complex therapy and prevention of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver and gallbladder, endocrine system, obesity, diabetes, upper respiratory tract, rehabilitation after COVID-19.

How to be sure of the authenticity, and, therefore, the effectiveness of Essentuki mineral water?

Essentuki water is produced only at the Essentuki field from wells indicated in the GOST R 54316-2020 register for mineral waters. Each bottle must contain the following information about the product:

  • the full name of "Essentuki No. 4" or "Essentuki No. 17";
  • indication of the Essentuki deposit;
  • the presence of a logo with mountains and an eagle;
  • GOST R 54316-2020 for mineral waters;
  • manufacturer: "Holding Aqua".

The manufacturer "Holding Aqua" adheres to the principles of environmental friendliness and sustainable development, every year reducing the amount of plastic in PET bottles.

In Turkmenistan, mineral water "Essentuki No. 4" and "Essentuki No. 17" are represented by official distributors of the Holding Aqua company. The brand's products can be purchased in stores, supermarkets, as well as on marketplaces.

Contact phones of distributors: (+993 12) 46 37 87, (+993 12) 46 37 88.

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