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Turkmenistan and Iran plan cooperation in the fight against dust and sand storms


Turkmenistan and Iran plan to cooperate in combating dust and sand storms, which have become more frequent in recent years due to climate change.

According to, citing Iran Press, on Tuesday, Iraj Heshmati, Deputy for Environmental Protection of the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and Charygeldi Babaniyazov, Minister of Environmental Protection of Turkmenistan, held an online meeting on this issue.

The parties discussed the impact of climate change on the region, in particular the occurrence of dust storms, and stressed the importance of exchanging experiences and conducting field trips to dust centers.

Ch. Babaniyazov noted the need for cooperation of all countries in matters of environmental protection and biological diversity, emphasizing the importance of plant cultivation in the fight against dust storms and desertification. He announced the readiness of Turkmenistan to cooperate with Iran and other countries of the region on environmental issues.

Dust storms cause air quality deterioration, economic damage and health problems, and cooperation between Turkmenistan and Iran in this matter could be decisive, the source said.

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