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One of the architects of the city of Arkadag spoke about the nuances of the second stage of construction


Arslan Annamuhammedov is one of the five architects who worked on the creation of the Children's Health and Rehabilitation Center named after Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov in the city of Arkadag. Currently, he works as the chief specialist of the coordinating department of industrial construction and communications of the hyakimlik of the city of Arkadag, and his job is to control the preparation of tender documentation.

Arslan Annamuhammedov told the newspaper “Neutral Turkmenistan” about some of the nuances of the second stage of construction of the “smart city”.

- The city of Arkadag is a prosperous, comfortable and innovative city with high quality and affordable housing and city services. It was officially laid down in April 2019, and already on June 29 of this year, the first stage of the smart city was put into operation.

The environmental aspect is central to the development of cities today. Therefore, in the city of Arkadag, traffic on the roads is subject to electric transport - taxis and city buses operate on electric traction. In the city of state importance, within the framework of the National Forest Program of Turkmenistan for the period 2021-2025, coniferous, juniper and fruit trees, as well as more than 500 young grape vines, will be planted along the construction perimeter of the second stage. In the rainy season, water in one hour of work of modern production technologies in the countries of America, Europe and Asia will become clean and suitable for irrigating green spaces.

The entire architecture of the city will be built using innovative, environmentally friendly building materials. A residential complex of five, seven and nine-story houses will be built on an area of more than 272 hectares. As well as other social infrastructure facilities - schools, kindergartens, a health center, a city amusement park, and so on. An area of 130 hectares has been allocated for the industrial zone of the city, where enterprises of the medical and food industries will be built.

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