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Scientists have found that birds can part because of partner betrayals and after a long separation


Scientists from China and Germany have found that birds can break up and break ties with a partner due to infidelity and long separation, informs Rambler with reference to a study published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society.

Scientists made this conclusion based on the analysis of the behavior of 200 species of birds. Based on their data, they found that about 90% of monogamous birds retain only one partner during at least one breeding season. But there are individuals who change them. Most often, this is facilitated by betrayal by males and migration over long distances.

At the same time, this is not observed when cheating on the part of females. Scientists believe that in such cases, uncertainty about the fate of the offspring pushes males only to a more active participation in raising children.

As noted in the source, the most “dissolute” birds were swallows, orioles and blackbirds, while petrels, albatrosses, geese and swans were the most faithful.

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