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Turkmenistan will take part in the festival of Turkic-speaking youth, the British Minister for Europe will visit the Carpet Museum in Turkmenistan, “Turkmen Railways” resumed selling tickets to VIP class carriages and other news



1. Representatives of the Turkmen youth will take part in the international festival organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Uzbekistan jointly with TURKSOY. The event will be held from July 11 to 15 in the city of Kokand, Fergana region. The forum program includes various competitions, presentations, meetings, promotions and projects.

2. European Affairs Minister Leo Doherty will visit Tajikistan and Turkmenistan to discuss further development of cooperation between the UK and Central Asian countries in the field of energy security, climate cooperation and strengthening trade ties. At Doherty's meeting with Turkmen officials, it is planned to discuss issues of intensifying efforts to combat climate change in the region. He also intends to visit the Turkmen Carpet Museum, which houses the world's largest handmade carpet.

3. The Agency “Turkmendemiryollary” resumed flights on trains with a higher level of service. The sale of tickets for VIP passenger carriages has already begun at the ticket office of the station, and soon tickets will also be available on the website. The VIP carriage offers dinner, soft drinks, tea and coffee for passengers. Passengers are provided with disposable towels and high quality bed linen. The compartment of the VIP car is designed for the passage of four people. In addition, passengers are offered free access to the multimedia entertainment system via Wi-Fi.

4. Members of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan presented their products at the XX International Fair-Exhibition of Imported Goods of Korea, which was held in Seoul from June 29 to July 1. In particular, Turkmen carpets, environmentally friendly textile products, various types of cotton and silk fabrics, and clothes were presented in the national pavilion of Turkmenistan.

5. On the stage of the State Drama Theater named after Aman Gulmammedov in the new city of Arkadag, the first performance of Döwlet daragty (“The Tree of Statehood”) based on the play by the national writer of Turkmenistan Govshutgeldy Dangatarov was shown. The plot of the production consists of five parts, covering different periods of the country's history. The performance pays tribute to the deep respect for outstanding personalities who left a noticeable mark on history.


6. On July 3, a 5,4 magnitude earthquake struck the Caspian Sea, according to the European Mediterranean Seismological Center. The strongest tremors were felt in Baku and other cities of Azerbaijan. There is no information about casualties and damage. The epicenter was located in the sea area, 46 kilometers northeast of the city of Khachmaz, at a depth of about 35 kilometers.

7. Among the nominations for “Oscar”, perhaps, there will be a new category - for stuntmen. The initiator of the establishment of the award for the work of stuntmen was the director of “John Wick” Chad Stahelski. It is not yet known by what criteria the work of the stunt team will be judged, whether it will be the best trick, the best fight choreography, the best work of the team or the work of the stunt coordinator. According to Stahelski, it remains to think through the details for the stunt nomination to be established.


8. Kant's “Abtysh-Ata” outplayed “Muras-United” from Jalal-Abad in the match of the 15th round of the Kyrgyz Premier League (KPL). The meeting was held on Monday and ended with the score 1:0. The author of the only goal in the 63rd minute was the best scorer of the Kyrgyz Football Championship last season Emmanuel Jagr. The Turkmen defender of “Abdysh-Ata” Teymur Charyev entered the field in the starting lineup and played a full-fledged match. “Abdysh-Ata” came out on top in the KPL standings with 30 points. The second line is occupied by Osh “Alai” (29).

9. The annual international athletics tournament dedicated to the memory of the famous Kazakh Olympian Gusman Kosanov has ended in Almaty. These competitions are one of the qualifying stages for the upcoming World Cup in 2023 and the Olympic Games in 2024. The national team of Turkmenistan won one gold medal at this start - the hammer thrower Mergen Mammedov distinguished himself.

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