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Filmmakers from Turkmenistan were invited to participate in the competition of short films


Filmmakers from Turkmenistan were invited to the competition of short films "Shoot in 48 hours".

This is an annual competition for teams of filmmakers from Central Asia. Any interested citizen of Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan can apply.

Registration of participants will last until June 12 inclusive, you need to register a team using the link.

Under the terms of the competition, participants must create a short film up to four minutes in 48 hours. In 2023, the competition starts on June 17.

The winner of the Best Picture category will travel to New York for a crash course in film making. The winners of the Best Student Film and Best Amateur Film categories will receive a grant for 15 weeks of online training at the New York Film Academy. The winner in the nomination "Special Jury Prize" will receive a free scholarship for a three-month study at the Almaty Cinema School.

In addition to the main nominations, there will also be winners in genre categories: Best Comedy, Best Action, Best Drama/Romance, Best Horror/Thriller, Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy and Best Musical/Experimental Film. ".

The "Remove in 48 hours" competition has been held since 2015. A unique feature of the project is the cinema screenings that take place throughout Central Asia.

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