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Uzbekistan develops its own brand of ventilator


Uzbekistan plans to launch the production of the first turbine ventilator under the national brand, writes Sputnik Uzbekistan with reference to information from the country's Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovation.

Engineers from Uzbekistan and Russia are working on the development of the device, which will have to compete with the best foreign analogues. It is planned to use artificial intelligence to control the device. The prototype will be released at the end of this year - the beginning of next year, the device will be tested on the basis of the 1st city clinical hospital in Tashkent.

The ventilator from the Uzbek manufacturer will have the ability to carry out multi-level ventilation for the treatment of patients with severe lung lesions, the implementation of therapeutic and auxiliary air supply.

The turbine apparatus differs from older vacuum compression ventilators, in which air is supplied by bellows that compress and inflate in time with the patient's breathing. Such devices are quite bulky and consume a lot of electricity. In turbine ventilators, air is blown by a conventional fan-turbine, which spins and pumps air. Devices of a new type weigh no more than 3 kilograms, they can be moved along with the patient to any distance.

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