Turkmenistan is represented at the annual cultural carnival in China


International students from Wenzhou Medical University of China participated in the 16th series of “Dream Trip to Zhejiang” events.

University student Shagul Bakyyeva, who represented Turkmenistan at this event, told Turkmenportal that this year it brought together students from seven countries and was dedicated to the topic “Poetry and painting in the south of the Yangtze River”.

Within the framework of the forum, various competitions on student topics, exhibitions, as well as visits to educational institutions of the PRC were traditionally held.

A series of events “Dream Trip to Zhejiang” has been organized annually for international students for sixteen years and is positioned as a cultural carnival that promotes the mutual enrichment of cultures, communication and familiarization of foreign students with the socio-economic and creative achievements of China's eastern province, which is also called the

“homeland of Yongjia culture”, “the birthplace of southern opera”, “the capital of song and dance”, “the city of calligraphy and painting”.

Over the years, more than 50 provincial universities in China and tens of thousands of foreign students from more than 50 countries have participated in the event.

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