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The President of Turkmenistan demanded accelerating the pace of cotton sowing and wheat seeding

The President of Turkmenistan demanded accelerating the pace of cotton sowing and wheat seeding

Today, the president of Turkmenistan demanded from the hyakims of the velayats and the Vice-Premier overseeing the agro-industrial complex to accelerate the pace of cotton sowing and wheat seeding during a working video meeting, at which issues related to the status of agricultural complex, also the course of seasonal field work in the regions of the country were reviewed.

As the information program “Watan” of the Turkmen television reported, President Serdar Berdimuhamedov stressed the importance of cotton harvest time in agriculture and “emphasized the acceleration of its pace”, and also on the implementation of necessary measures for the successful completion of the tasks.

“It is necessary to ensure the uninterrupted operation of cotton gins, receiving points, combines and other equipment, Serdar Berdimuhamedov said.

The Head of State focused his attention on importance of “providing high pace of sowing of winter wheat”, caring of sugar beet crops in accordance with agrotechnical requirements, harvesting rice, obtaining rich harvests of winter potatoes, vegetables, melons and other agricultural products.

The President of Turkmenistan noted that the work executed in the structures of the agro-industrial complex of the country should correspond the requirements of the time.

“Special significance should be given to ensuring of food abundance, care of crops in the fields in compliance with agrotechnical requirements," the head of state stressed.

In this regard. the President of Turkmenistan instructed the Vice-Premier Annageldy Yazmyradov to keep under constant monitoring of issues, related to accelerating of cotton collecting and wheat sewing, provision of coordinated work of the relevant structures, as well as with the active introduction of the achievements of modern science and innovative methods into production.

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