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“Hekem” offers the residents to Turkmenistan professional real estate services


The enterprises of the company “Hekem” (“Hekem”, “Hekem Audit” and “Adyl Hekem”) provide real estate services for the purchase and sale, rental of all types of real estate, as well as legal support and execution of transactions.

Professional responsibility, efficiency, flexible approach and high–quality service are the main principles of the work of “Hekem” and “Adyl Hekem”, which allow us to effectively solve all the tasks set by customers.

At present time, the company has under the confidential management more than 4 thousand apartments, houses and other premises. Confidential management involves the conveyance of property by customer to the trustee of

“Hekem” and “Adyl Hekem” for a specified period for further selling in the interest of customer or person specified by him. Besides, free and assured estimation of real estate and business is provided.

Having concluded an agreement on provision of real estate services with “Hekem” and “Adyl Hekem”, customer can expect to receive the full set of documents for conduction of purchase and sale transaction of apartments, houses, cottages, prestigious premises and etc. Flexible approach to the preferences and requirements of every customer, the use of ready – made standard strategies and the creation of individual strategies of management of estates guarantees success.

Specialists of “Hekem” and “Adyl Hekem” will ensure the collection of documents for the purchase and sale of real estate, its donation, inheritance, privatization, registration of real estate, as well as re-registration.

The success of transactions is supported by the high quality of legal services provided, which ensures transparency of all aspects of real estate transactions. For example, of the three realtors who have passed the State Certification of the Ministry of Finance and Economy of Turkmenistan, which is a prerequisite for real estate activity, two are lawyers with more than 30 years of experience in the judiciary.

Customers can count on professional expert estimation of contents of title and other documents, necessary for execution of real estate transactions, the choice of the most optimal ways of solution of legally disputable situations.

Another argument in favor of choice of “Hekem” and “Adyl Hekem” for real estate market is flexible and affordable price on services, consideration of customer’s preferences.

The aim of the work of “Hekem” and “Adyl Hekem” is a deal, but not at any price, but solely in the interests of the customer. The company believes that only with this approach it is possible to provide high quality services.

You can get advice and conclude an agreement with the enterprises "Hekem" and "Adyl Hekem" in Ashgabat at the following addresses:

  • 10 Yil Abadanchylyk str. 98;
  • Gerogly str. 46 (C/H “Vatan”);
  • Gerogly str. 73;
  • Phone numbers: (+993 12) 47 82 54, (+993 12) 47 81 15, (+993 12) 47 88 52, (+993 12) 92 18 56, (+993 61) 57 40 72;
  • Email address:

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