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The list of world-renowned universities for 2022 has been published, Turkmen entrepreneurs have been reminded of the period for paying pension contributions, the vacancies of the Embassy of UAE in Ashgabat


1. The website of the Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan has published a complete list of foreign universities, whose diplomas are recognized in the country. The list includes more than 1600 higher education institutions from all over the world. The list of universities is based on global university rankings.

2. The Embassy of UAE in Turkmenistan has opened vacancies for girls. Applicants between the ages of 27 and 35 can apply to the email address of the UAE Embassy if they meet all professional criteria.

3. Ashgabat RM car wash provides a wide range of services. It is possible to order both a complete wash of the interior and body, and also individual parts and even machine parts. In addition, you can use the services of dry cleaning salon.

4. There is no need to sit within four walls on a cool summer evening. Turkmenportal has prepared a list of cozy places in Ashgabat for its readers, where it is available to have a good time with friends, go on a romantic date or just watch the rhythm of the city in the fresh air.

5. The first flight after the resumption of flights by “Turkmenistan” Airlines arrived from Ashgabat to Moscow. Regular flights to Moscow will be operated from Ashgabat on Tuesdays and Thursdays. In the opposite direction from Moscow to Turkmenistan, the planes will return to the Turkmenbashi airport.

6. The State Museum of Fine Arts of Turkmenistan will open a temporary exhibition “I love sushi”, organized by the Embassy of Japan in Ashgabat with the assistance of the Ministry of Culture of the country on July 8.

7. Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan receive a personalized SMS message on the beginning of the reporting period for the payment of pension contributions for the first half of 2022 these days.

8. How the “KAMAZ” brand was created - the story from the first truck to the most advanced automobile plant.

9. Tomato is recognized as the best vegetable to lift the mood. In addition, regular consumption of tomatoes promotes rapid healing of wounds and helps to absorb iron and magnesium better in the body, says Elena Paravantes, Russian doctor of medical sciences.

10. For the Olympic Games, which will be held in the in capital of France in 2024, it is planned to repaint the Eiffel Tower, although experts say that the building needs a full overhaul due to rust.

11. The women's 3x3 basketball team of Turkmenistan played the first match of the Asian Cup qualifying tournament in Singapore, in which it defeated the team of Guam. The meeting ended with a score of 21:14 in favor of the team of Turkmenistan.

12. All semifinal pairs of the Football Federation Cup of Turkmenistan have become known. Matches 1/2 finals will be held on July 6. “Ahal” will meet with “Ashgabat” at 18:00, and “Shagadam” at the same time will play against “Nebitchi”. The final match of the Football Federation Cup of Turkmenistan will be held on July 7.

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