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Innovative development of the technical oils production is underway in Turkmenistan


The technology development for the production of lubricating, motor, diesel, industrial and other types of oils is carried out by the laboratory of technologies for the synthesis of new substances of the Technology Center of the academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan under an agreement with the Turkmenbashi oil processing complex (TOPC).

As informs “Turkmenistan: Golden Age” edition, research work is being carried out to obtain a component of base oils from the vacuum gas oil fraction, obtained at the road bitumen production unit at the Seydi oil refinery.

The main goal of the laboratory is the synthesis of competitive products based on local raw materials and the development of technologies for their production using the most advanced scientific achievements, methods and innovations.

The laboratory was certified in April 2020 and carries out such activities as determining the physical and chemical parameters of oil and petroleum products, lubricating greases, motor and transformer oils, bitumen grades.

Among the laboratory achievements is the development, together with specialists from the Turkmenabat Chemical Plant of the State Concern "Turkmenhimiya" and the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan, of a mixed complex NPS fertilizer (nitrogen-phosphorus-sulfur complex), which is prepared by mixing promising non-traditional ameliorant fertilizers, urea and mineral additives: bentonite or dolomite. At present time, work is underway to introduce it into production.

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