Consulting services from Hazar logistik company

Consulting services from Hazar logistik company

The Hazar logistik company is one of the leading specialists in Turkmenistan in providing logistics services and organizing the transportation of various cargoes both within the country and abroad.

The company also provides advisory services for the preparation of a route for the delivery of goods by any of the modes of transport - road, rail, air or sea.

Employees of IE Hazar logistik are ready to explain to each of the customers the subtleties in the transportation of any type of cargo, in the preparation of the necessary documents, as well as the features of the customs and insurance legislation of the countries through which the cargo is supposed to go.

Thanks to many years of experience in the field of logistics, the company's specialists will select the ideal financial and time option for the fastest delivery of any type of cargo in Turkmenistan and to countries such as Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, the United Arab Emirates, China, European and CIS countries.

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