Turkmen TV show transmission of Japanese culture

Turkmen TV show transmission of Japanese culture

The Japanese Embassy in Ashgabat invites you to watch programs about the culture of the country, which will be broadcast on the national Turkmen television.

On August 30, "Altyn Asyr" TV channel will show programs on the following topics

  • Japanese artist Ito Jakuchu. He lived 300 years ago, but his work is still popular in Japan. The people call him "a man with the hand of God."
  • Minds. The Japanese created a sense of the fifth taste - "umami", in addition to the main ones: sweet, sour, salty, bitter. Glutamic acid is well known as a typical ingredient in umami.
  • The art of wrapping things. In Japan, when packing a gift, they use real art, because they think about the person who will open the package, about how he will be pleased to do it.
  • Measures for flood control.

On September 1, Wednesday, from 15:30, TV shows will be re-shown, according to the social networks of the Embassy.

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