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What to do in case of heatstroke - recommendations of the Center for Public Health and Nutrition of Turkmenistan

What to do in case of heatstroke - recommendations of the Center for Public Health and Nutrition of Turkmenistan

In hot summers, the risk of heat or sunstroke is quite high. Therefore, if you feel severe pain in the temples and dizziness before darkness in the eyes, lack of energy, sickness, increased heart rate and breathing, you need to take action.

  • First of all, move to a cool place, in the shade, in the breeze, sit down and unfasten the buttons on tight clothes.
  • You should not go to bed, it can worsen the condition.
  • Try to normalize breathing: a slow deep breath, a short hold (2-3 seconds) and a calm exhalation.
  • Sip cool water in small sips, moisten your forehead, back of your head and neck.
  • If the discomfort does not disappear within 5-7 minutes, call an ambulance.

To prevent the possibility of heat or sunstroke, follow these guidelines:

  • Staying in the sun is recommended from morning until 9:00, in the evening - after 18:00.
  • For people with a lot of moles, exposure to the sun should be kept to a minimum.
  • Never allow redness or sunburn on your skin. If this happens, spend at least two days without going out in the sun.
  • Even young and healthy people are recommended to stay in the sun no more than one and a half to two hours a day.
  • Babies should not be exposed to the sun.
  • Clothing does not completely protect the skin from the sun: cotton allows 6% of the sun's rays to pass through, and when wet, up to 20%.
  • Use sunscreen cosmetics.
  • Do not use decorative cosmetics, deodorants and perfumes when sunbathing - they can provoke the appearance of age spots on the skin.
  • After sunburn - cool shower and light application of moisturizer.

By following these simple recommendations, even in abnormal heat conditions, you can maintain your health and health of your children and fully enjoy the summer.

Do not forget that it is necessary:

  • keep your hands clean, wash them frequently with soap and water, or use a disinfectant;
  • at work and at home, regularly clean and disinfect surfaces and devices that you touch (computer or laptop keyboard, smartphone screen, remote control, switches and door handles);
  • often ventilate the room;
  • wear a medical mask outdoors and in public places.

Information on what to do in case of heat and sunstroke and how to protect yourself from this in hot weather was provided by the Center for Public Health and Nutrition of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Service of the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry of Turkmenistan on the pages of today's newspaper “Neutral Turkmenistan”.

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