Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan establish sea transport links

Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan establish sea transport links

The ferry “Azerbaijan” has arrived at the Turkmenbashi International Sea Port. This modern vessel, built in 2020 at the shipyard of the Baku Shipbuilding Plant by order of the Closed Joint Stock Company “Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company”, is designed to transport both passengers and rail and road transport.

According to the State News Agency of Turkmenistan, a 154-meter ferry with a carrying capacity of 5.54 thousand tons delivered modern equipment to our country. Honorary elders and young people took part in the celebrations on the occasion of the meeting of the new ferry.

As part of the efforts to expand international trade and economic ties and diversify trade routes, Turkmenistan, like other Caspian countries, pays great attention to building the capacity of the national shipping flotilla.

Thus, in recent years, modern tankers and other vessels of the merchant fleet have been built and commissioned by the order of the Turkmen side, whose high operational characteristics and innovative technical parameters put them among the most popular vessels in the maritime transport market.

In this regard, the importance of the Turkmenbashi International Seaport has significantly increased, which has become the largest international transport and transit center between Europe and Asia.

Thanks to the ongoing large-scale modernization and technical re-equipment of the main “sea gate” of the country, the volume of annual cargo transportation by sea is steadily growing, and the number of foreign vessels entering the harbor is also increasing, as the arrival of the Azerbaijan ferry was another confirmation of this.

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