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Ashgabat circus opened the season with a new program

Ashgabat circus opened the season with a new program

The creative team of the Turkmen circus has prepared a new program for its spectators for the opening of the season, reports “Turkmenistan: Golden Age”.

Fans of circus art, having come to the premiere, filled the stands long before the start of the performance, because they missed the atmosphere of miracles, extreme tricks, funny reprises, the source notes.

George Duke's “Overture” performed by a symphony orchestra conducted by Rovshan Nepesov opened the performance.

The program included trained pigeons by Medina Bayramdurdyeva, aerial gymnast Lilianna Yusupova, a group of jugglers, clowns Rovshen Melyaev, Archa Meredov and Pena Muratdurdyev, equilibrist Irada Alieva, trained alabays of Halapa Bayrammyradova and Tachgeldy Matgeldyev.

The debut of the new season is the performance of monkeys Tom and Jerry together with the “star” named Chita. The debutants rode a donkey, walked a tightrope with a pole, and practiced on a horizontal bar.

In the second part of the performance, the group of national equestrian games “Galkynysh” presented a spectacular performance of riders and trained horses.

The program ended with a collective performance of the kushtdepdi dance.

The source notes that within the framework of cooperation between Turkmenistan and Russia, it is planned to resume the tour of the Russian State Circus to our country. The possibility of organizing a tour of the Turkmen State Circus in the branches of the Russian State Circus Company is also being considered.

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