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Possibilities of using renewable energy sources are being studied in Turkmenistan

Possibilities of using renewable energy sources are being studied in Turkmenistan

Renewable energy sources are being dealt with on the basis of the State Energy Institute of Turkmenistan, where the Scientific and Production Center for Renewable Energy Sources was established.

It carries out research work on the development of projects for the production of electricity based on alternative sources.

Now experts suggest three directions for the development of renewable energy: export, own consumption and electricity supply to isolated households and livestock farms located far from the main power grids.

Scientists have found that within Turkmenistan, the total area of regions with an average annual wind speed of more than five meters per second is about 15% of the country's territory - this is the coast of the Caspian Sea, the northern slopes of the Kopetdag.

The main factors limiting the development of wind energy are the variability and unpredictability of the weather in mountainous areas, and hence the conditions for generating electricity.

In this case, combined solar systems using solar energy will be acceptable.

This is a win-win option: the average sunshine duration is 2500-3100 hours per year.

Scientists have calculated that solar panels for separate consumption in the hard-to-reach areas of the foothills or the Karakum Desert are the most economically viable solution for energy supply.

Getting energy from a heavenly body in sunny Turkmenistan is possible anywhere.

So, without special costs for the laying of power lines, it is possible to provide heat and light to remote shepherd camps, mobile camps for subsoil developers, biologists or road builders. There is a lot of advantages, and the cost price of such energy is also attractive, which will require only an initial investment, and then will work for the needs of a person.

The cost of energy from the sun and wind is lower than from burning fossil fuels.

To determine the economic efficiency of electricity export, it is advisable to carry out additional research, according to the website of the State Publishing Service of Turkmenistan.


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