The Turkmen language has become available for study on the portal “Turkic morpheme”

The Turkmen language has become available for study on the portal “Turkic morpheme”

Specialists of the Institute of applied semiotics of the Academy of Sciences of Tatarstan have created a scientific Internet portal for teaching the Turkic languages “Turkic morpheme”. The project is based on the technology of computational linguistics and combines knowledge of more than 30 Turkic languages, including Turkmen. Scientists from the Crimean Federal University took part in the creation of the scientific Internet portal.

The site provides access to various services for studying and working with the languages of the Turkic group. The peculiarity lies in the fact that data processing here is based on the peculiarities of agglutinative languages, and not English. This greatly facilitates the work of Turkologists.

The site has two modes of operation: reader and expert. In the second case, the researcher can make a proposal and make his own adjustments, KazanFirst reports.

- Our project provides different functionality and consists of subsystems integrated into a single whole: a subsystem of scientific linguistic research, information and reference, a library of linguistic services. One of the key criteria for us is versatility. Each team tries to develop their own software, but in the end they turn out to be incompatible with each other. We are developing ways of their interaction, - said the associate professor of the Department of

English Philology of the Institute of Foreign Philology of the Kazan Federal University, Cand. Sc. Vernadsky Lenar Kubedinov.

Creating “Turkic morpheme”, scientists used modern developments in the sphere of programming and linguistics: taxonomic models (analogue – WordNet source) and frame type (analogue – WordNet source), ATN grammar and other.

As per words of the assistant professor, portal database maybe used in educational and research aims.

- Due to the integrity of the volumes of material layers in a structured system, the project accelerates the study of Turkish languages. The current state of the portal is not final, work is underway. We invite all specialists in this area to cooperate, - said L. Kubedinov.

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