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Specialists of Turkmenistan on social work started two-month practice

Specialists of Turkmenistan on social work started two-month practice

45 social work specialists of the Ministry of labor and social protection of Turkmenistan got down to two-month practical training period which will pass in all regions of Turkmenistan. Beforehand they had 5 day social work basic training organized by the United Nations Development Program within the framework of the Joint Program between the Government of Turkmenistan and the United Nations on social services at the local level.

It is expected that social work specialists on places will use theory of social work in practice. The tasks of the specialists include working with families in need, assessing their individual needs.

In March 2021 UNDP will conduct successive trainings on increase of qualification of social work specialists.  

Joined program of Turkmenistan and UNO agencies “Improving the social protection system by introducing inclusive quality social services at the local level” with implementation period from 2020 to 2022 is financed by the SDG Joint Fund.

Program target is the embedding of new model of social services on the local level, an overview of the legislative and regulatory framework for the provision of social services and professional development of national social workers, according to the press center of the UN Office in Ashgabat.


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